family and matrimonial

When it comes to the responsibility of a child, parental disputes will most probably arise. Often parent may feel that they have been treated unfairly when it comes to figuring out the responsibility of their child. Therefore, it is worthwhile to seek legal advice from a professional to offer you the best long-term solution that will satisfy both parents.

At Thamina solicitors we aim to make a situation less complicated than it is, we would rather solve many parental disputes involving children with mediation rather than resorting to court proceedings, which will often make the situation intense especially for the children who are at the centre of the situation. With our dedicated team of solicitors, we will ensure you that your case will be dealt with complete sensitivity and understanding. We aim to give our clients tailored advice and solutions using our extensive knowledge and experience in resolving their current difficulties for the betterment of their children.

At Thamina solicitors, we offer intensive advice on matters such as

• Parental responsibility, child arrangements orders and international relocation

• Child abduction and custody disputes

• Wardship

• Adoption

• Surrogacy

• Caring for children of friends and family, including advice regarding special guardianship orders and other legal arrangements

• Issues relating to the child’s welfare such as their education or medical treatment

• Social services involvement and care proceedings