commercial property

Our solicitors handle all aspects of commercial property related issues, particularly on purchases of commercial property for business, owner-occupiers as well as investors, landlords and commercial and residential property development.

At Thamina solicitors with our experienced team of solicitors we will help you resolve any complex issues that you may encounter, by providing clear and realistic advice tailored to resolve your individual difficulties.

Our firm takes time to know all its clients well enough so that we can understand and know their main objectives that they aim to achieve with us, by doing so we will be able to provide our clients with relevant expert property advice that they require.

Our solicitors represent businesses as well as individuals with commercial property concerns. In addition to that we also act for commercial landlords and tenants, property investors and residential and commercial property developers.

Our commercial property solicitor’s are in complete position to advise you on the following as well as other issues which you may be in need of professional assistance:

  • Purchasing and selling commercial property
  • Commercial property finance
  • Commercial property investment
  • Commercial property development
  • Business transfers with premises sales and purchases
  • Planning and environmental issues
  • Leasing commercial property
  • Landlord and tenant matters
  • Drafting, negotiating and advising on grant, renewals and transfers of leases
  • Company shares or asset purchase and sales
  • Secured property finances and refinances
  • Construction law