employment business

At Thamina solicitors our employment team covers the broad range of employment law issues. With our extensive knowledge and experience in employment law we will be able to successfully resolve our clients business issues providing them with comprehensive and strategic advice delivered to their expected standards, as well as offering our clients rapid, efficient and practical legal support relating to their business concerns.

We understand and recognise that for a business to be successful it starts with well-managed and motivated staff, and we also know that a variety of issues do arise in all businesses hence why we provide the expert support and advice no matter how complex it may be there will always be a positive solution to everything problem. Which is why our solicitors will handle the situation in the best possible way giving guidance and help, as we know that these circumstances can be very stressful to deal with alone and it would be a wise idea to go and seek professional help in theses situations where you will be supported in every step of the way from beginning to the end being ensure that the sensitively of the businesses workplace is dealt with promptly and discretely.

Our employment solicitors roles include setting in place polices to decrease any future issues which may arise, such as notice periods, holiday entitlements, as well as keeping our clients informed with new employment law regulations underlining anything that may have an impact on our client’s success.

Our employment solicitors are in good position to advise and represent our clients on:

  • Trade union and collective law
  • High court litigation
  • Reward, tax and incentives
  • Board level disputes
  • LLPS and Partnerships
  • TUPE and business Transfers
  • Termination of employment
  • Business protection
  • HR advisory support
  • Employment contracts and documentation
  • Dismissal and redundancies
  • Corporate restructuring

In addition to other matters which may not of been stated above.