family and matrimonial

At Thamina solicitors when it comes to family we take extreme care, as we understand its level of sensitivity and confidentiality. We also acknowledge that any family relationship breakdown can cause serious emotional stress to everyone involved in the situation, so take our time to deal and resolve the situation in a sympathetic manner that enables both parties to be satisfied with the end decision.

Our solicitor’s provide personal and proactive services to clients needing help in all aspects of family and matrimonial matters and assisting them to achieve their peace of mind. We will help with any complex issues that our clients currently face, we will negotiate suitable solutions and at the same time take legal action if necessary.

We can deliver informative advice on the legal and financial implications of civil partnership dissolution, separation and divorce, cohabitation and arrangements of children.

Our family and matrimonial solicitors are in good position to advise and represent our clients in any matter which they need assistance in, such as :

  • Divorce, judicial separation and annulment of marriage
  • Management and matrimonial finances and other financial issues including effects of pension
  • Domestic violence
  • Inheritance disputes for dependants
  • Child support and the care of children after separation
  • Separation agreements
  • Contact and residence disputes, prohibited steps, specific issue orders, disputed parentage and child abduction
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Pre and post nuptial agreements