An Update from UK Visas and Immigration

The Points Based Calculator will no longer be used to support immigration applications from 6 April 2016 and will be removed from service shortly afterwards, on 10 April 2016.

What is the points based calculator?

The online calculator helps applicants assess whether they may be eligible to work or study in the UK under the points-based system. It is also used by applicants to help them assess whether an overseas qualification meets the academic and English language requirements within the Immigration Rules.

Why is the calculator being turned off?

The calculator was originally developed to assist those applying through the points based system (Tiers 1, 2, 4 and 5). However the Immigration Rules and the way in which applications are made have evolved significantly over recent years. This means that the calculator is no longer cost-effective to manage and maintain.

Who does the change affect?

This change will affect those using an overseas qualification as part of their visa or nationality application. This includes all areas of the points based system, applications for indefinite leave to remain and naturalisation as a British Citizen.

How else can I assess whether I may be eligible under the points based system?

Applicants should assess their circumstances against the criteria outlined on the UKVI website at UK NARIC provides advice on international qualifications at

How can I confirm that a qualification from overseas meets the requirements?

Customers applying on or after 6 April 2016, who need to prove that their international qualification(s) meet the academic and/or English language requirements, should obtain an official statement from UK NARIC This information is used by UKVI to decide if the applicant meets the requirements of the Immigration Rules.

Who is UK NARIC?

UK NARIC is the agency responsible for providing information, advice and opinion on worldwide vocational, academic and professional skills and qualifications. For more information on UK NARIC visit

How long does it take for UK NARIC to assess my qualification?

Details of the services provided by UK NARIC, in support of visas and immigration applications can be found at

Will I have to pay for an assessment from UK NARIC?

Applicants will need to pay a fee if they request a statement from UK NARIC. Prices and services are available at 3

Why are UKVI making customers pay more to obtain a UK visa?

We believe it is fair that those who use and benefit from the immigration system continue to pay an appropriate part of the cost of funding it, reducing the burden on the UK tax payer. The cost of a UK NARIC statement is not part of the visa fee. This is paid directly to UK NARIC for the qualification equivalency services.

What alternative methods are available to prove my English language abilities?

Being a national of a majority English speaking country or having the appropriate Secure English Language Test (SELT) may demonstrate the English Language requirements of the route for which you are applying. Details of the English language requirements, for applications made within the points based system, can be found at

How do I find out more about this change?

Please contact if you have further questions.