At Thamina solicitors, our personal injury solicitors are capable of helping those who have suffered serious injuries caused either in part or in full by another person. We acknowledge that an injury can be life- changing so we aim to handle all of our claims with care, sympathy and compassion by putting all of our clients interest first as well as providing client focused service and making prompt assessment of the likelihood of a potential successful claim. Furthermore we will ensure our clients that they will receive the full compensation that they deserve while receiving the finest possible care, rehabilitation and support form us.

With our solicitor’s broad knowledge and experience, they are successfully able to guide our clients in the way of claiming full compensation for a range of cases for example those resulting from road traffic accidents, incidents at work or accidents overseas. As well as public liability such as slips or falls. Additionally we are able to advise our clients on more serious and complex fatal claims with expertise in compensation claims that include spinal injuries and brain injuries etc.

Bearing in mind that every case is unique with its own individual fatalities, we take care to get to know our clients in depth to understand exactly what goals our clients are aiming to reach, so that we offer the best solution that will ultimately satisfy them in the long run.

Our personal injury solicitors can advise and represent you on the following circumstances as well as others, which may not be listed below:

  • Work accident
  • Road traffic accident
  • Professional negligence
  • Claims involving children
  • Uninsured driver claims
  • Public liability claims
  • Pedestrian accident claims
  • Occupiers’ liability claims
  • Inquest representation

In addition to that we also provide advice and representation on clients who have suffered catastrophic accident such as amputation, brain injury, burns and spinal injury and other serious injuries, which may have occurred at work, construction sites or on the road.