During office hours if you have any queries regarding your matter you can call our telephone number on 02073753753 quoting ‘same day’, however outside office hours you would need to email us at  info@thaminasolicitors.com quoting ‘same day’, but either way you will need to provide us the following information :

  • The type of application e.g Tier 1 Application
  • Your full name, nationality and date of birth as it appears on your passport
  • Your UK postal address
  • Your mobile phone number
  • State a date of appointment which would be best suitable for you.

Once we have obtained your information we will act on your behalf in dealing with your application and contacting the UKBA in regards to your matter, but off course we will need to contact you before all this to explain properly the process of your application. Soon after this we will begin with preparing your application and we will update you throughout the day with any changes to your matter, our legal representative will also assist you with the enrollment of your Biometrics information. Having your application being decided should normally take around 24 hours in most cases. If your application has been successful, and the UKBA  has successfully granted you your visa before 4pm on the same day, your passport and visa will then be available to be collected on the same day or at your earliest convenience during office hours. However if the UKBA grant you your visa later then all your documents  will be safely put away until you collect them from our office or we will have them posted to your address.

We are successfully able to process the following application under the premium same day service :

  • Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK application ( SET O and SET(M)) for the Tier 1 Migrants, Tier 2 Migrants, Work permit Holders, Domestic workers and Dependant Spouse/Unmarried/Civil partners of British Citizenship or people with indefinite leave to remain in UK.
  • Further leave to remain application for Domestic workers, Dependant Spouses/Unmarried partners/Civil partners of British Citizen or a person with indefinite leave to remain and other purpose applications which are allowed under the same day service applications.
  • Tier 1 ( General) and Tier 2 applications and their extension application.
  • Tier 4 student applications and Tier 1 ( Post study worker) Visa application. Transfer of Visa into a new passport applications.
  • For points based system and further leave to remain application involving Biometric data, the applicants will have to attend the UKBA with our legal representative for recording their biometrics.

As well as other applications or matters which may not of been stated above.