Trainee development programme

We can take graduate trainees, who would like to experience the real legal life. As a successful law firm Thamina solicitors are able to start you off into your professional legal career with a structured development programme, where we will continue to help you achieve and bring the best out of you.


Work experience/ voluntary placement

We do provide placements for people seeking work experience or voluntary work in the legal field. We will ensure you that, with our approachable solicitors who will work with you in every step of the way will provide you with the right experience that will make you aware of how the world of law operates and will give you a hands-on view of what it would be like to be a successful solicitor.


Begin with your application

If want to apply as a trainee or apply for a work experience/ volunteer, either way you will need to go through a formal application as well as a interview process. However we will deal with all processes as quickly as possible with out any hassles to always keep our applicants at ease. You will need to complete either the Work Experience/Volunteer Application Form or the Training Contract Application Form and you will need to email the application form to